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Compassionate Clowning 

Since 2012 Humanitarian Clowns has been running International Trips and Social Clowning Projects across the world to bring laughter, compassion, support and love to some of the worlds most disadvantaged individuals and Communities. 

Humanitarian Clowns and our volunteers have worked in India, Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, Costa Rica, East Africa, Israel and Australia. 

Emergency Relief 

Humanitarian Clowns is passionate about using performing arts and circus as a way to distract and bring relief to Communities effected by Emergency situations.

Humanitarian Clowns and our volunteers have worked in natural disaster relief, refugee camps and Indigenous communities.


Tyler Shaw Random acts of Clowness 

Humanitarian Clowns Tyler Shaw Random Act of Clowness is our own take of Randoms acts of kindness.

Surprising individuals in extreme hardship with beautiful acts of clowness 

School Of Hope 

Humanitarian Clowns teamed up with Seb's Projects India with our International Clown Trips to help fund a school in the tribal village of Jwadhi Hills. 

Humanitarian Clowns also assisted remote Indian communities with clean water wells, wheelchairs for the disabled, library for children.

Previous Projects

Ukraine Sponsorship

In 2012 Humanitarian Clowns worked in conjunction with Jasmine Straga to bring 2 performing arts students from Ukraine to continue their dance education in Australia whilst the war continues in Ukraine.

We were so proud when our girls got the golden buzzer on AGT in 2022

GLOW Fest 

In 2022 Humanitarian Clown co-hosted GLOW Fest and GLOW with the FLOW

A Community Circus Festival with over 100 workshops and live performances based in NSW Australia.  

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