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Compassionate Clowns 

A service that provides fun, empathy, compassion and humour  to some of the worlds most disadvantaged individuals and communities via clowning. 

Humanitarian Clowns and our volunteers have worked in India, Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, Costa Rica, East Africa, Israel and Australia. 




Delivering professional trained Humour Therapists to Age Care residents and Disability facilities around Australia.  

We also provide training for individuals considering becoming a humour therapist as a volunteer  and employment opportunities to those with experience.   


Tyler Shaw

Random Acts

Of Clowness

Humanitarian Clowns Tyler Shaw Random Act of Clowness is our own take of Randoms acts of kindness.

Surprising individuals in extreme hardship with beautiful acts of clowness 


School Of Hope

 Through Humanitarian Clowns International Compassionate Clown Trips to India. Humanitarian Clowns has contributed financial support to build a school in a tribal village of Tamil Nadu.

In partnership with Seb's Projects India. 

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