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Aimee Ingram-Healy


With a heart dedicated to children's growth and joy, I've spent 25 years working closely with young minds, nurturing their potential and fostering smiles. My journey took a whimsical turn in 2012 when I followed my mother’s footsteps and embraced the art of clowning, finding a unique way to connect and inspire. I've worn various hats within Humanitarian Clowns, from being an International president and Volunteer Coordinator to nationally coordinating volunteers, handling PR and media, and orchestrating events on a jugglers scale. Amidst this whirlwind, I'm a proud mother of five wonderful souls that both challenge me and make me laugh daily!

My passions extend beyond the ordinary, delighting in fire twirling performances and sharing my expertise through workshops at vibrant festivals and within intimate spaces. Engaging with the ancient wisdom of Wayapa, I find solace in the embrace of nature. Additionally, my roots are woven into the local indigenous community where I live and I run a playgroup, a space of togetherness and growth. As the pages of my journey unfold, I invite you to join me in celebrating life's exuberance and the beauty of laughter and connection.

Jean-Paul Bell

Vice President 

Jean-Paul Bell Has been a performer for over 50 years.
Trained initially as a mime he has also worked as a clown from more of a vaudeville style of performer in the black and white tradition of Chaplin and Keaton.
Jean-Paul is also known as a humourmanitarian with his work in co founding Clown Doctors in Australia in 1996 and was recognised for that as well as his work for people living with dementia by being nominated for Senior Australian of the year in 2015.
Jean-Paul has also visited Afghanistan, East Timor and Nepal in the role of compassionate clowning and is looking forward to continue that work as Creative Director of Humanitarian Clowns. 


Jessica Healy


Jessica Healy is a dedicated advocate for youth, creativity, and community, making it her mission to inspire positive change. Her background in youth work has empowered her to shape impactful programs and curate transformative events. As a Music Industry Workshop Facilitator, she's witnessed the remarkable influence of art on young minds. Collaborating with industry pros, she guides budding talents in exploring art and technology. With qualifications in Youth Work, she leaves an enduring mark as a passionate advocate for Youth Music and Arts, fostering growth and enriching lives.

Peta Ashby


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