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The "Tyler Shaw" Random Acts of Clowness tributes the life of Tyler Shaw.

 Tyler and the Shaw family was one of our first ever Random Acts of Clowness that Humanitarian Clowns supported.

Tyler was an 20 year old girl that loved to make others happy and was an inspiring young lady.

 In mid 2013 Tyler was a passenger in a horrific car accident that left Tyler in Hospital for over a month, during this period of time, Humanitarian Clowns wanted to take the pain away from the Shaw family, knowing this is not possible we decided to assist in any way we could to support the family.


Not long after we granted the Shaw Family their Random act of Clowness, Tyler departed this world and in honour of Tyler and the Shaw family we wanted to keep her spirit alive by giving love and support to others as Tyler had always done. Thus creating


"Tyler Shaw" Random Acts of Clowness.


As often as we can, Humanitarian Clowns like to choose a family that has had a recent major tragedy occur to them, turning their life upside down.

Our volunteers work hard to assist the selected with a surprise 

"Random Acts of Clowness".


Humanitarian Clowns will do whatever it takes to assist local families in need:

In the past we have:


* purchase fuel vouchers to release financial strain

* Grant wishes for a patient

* Support Siblings with a fun day out or surprise visits

* Raise Community awareness and funds regarding our chosen family


At random we might end up knocking on your door to assist you and your family in times of need.


If you know someone that could benefit from a Random Act of Clowness or would like to make a donation for a family that we currently support or a future "Act of Clowness" please contact us today.


Deacon absolutely loves Emergency Services, so we organised Chase and Marshall from Paw Patrol at (XLENT Events in Melbourne) to go visit Deacon in The Royal Children's Hospital with some of our other friends from Vic Police, Ambo Australia and the CFA.
Creating a memorable night for Daddy and his daughter as he struggles with terminal cancer, ferrari picked them up and took them to a fancy restaurant and even organised a special dance for the two of them. 
Helped organise with Jasmin Straga to bring 2 Ukrainian girls over to Australia to escape with the war so they could finalise their education in performing arts. so proud the girls even got the golden buzzer on AGT whilst being here. 


Over the years Humanitarian Clowns has granted over 30 "Tyler Shaw Random Acts of Clowness to Individuals and families in hardship, from bat mobiles, paw patrol, superheroes, racing car rides, sporting events, celebrity meet & greets to sponsoring our girls from the Ukraine and serving the community. 

Big thanks to "Love me Always" for your on going support. 

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