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Compassionate Clowning


Since 2012 Humanitarian Clowns has been running International Trips and Compassionate Clowning Projects across the world to bring laughter, support and love to some of the worlds most disadvantaged individuals and Communities. 

Compassionate clowning is a form of therapeutic practice that utilizes humour, playfulness, and empathy to provide comfort and support to individuals facing challenging circumstances, such as illness, trauma, isolation or emotional distress.


Humanitarian Clowns use our comedic skills and warm-hearted interactions to create moments of joy, distraction, and connection in healthcare settings, nursing homes, orphanages aiming to alleviate stress, reduce anxiety, and promote healing through laughter and human connection. Through their playful and compassionate approach, they seek to uplift spirits and foster a sense of well-being in both patients and caregivers alike.



Humanitarian Clowns currently runs projects in three different countries offering Compassionate Clowning in Nursing Homes, Hospitals, orphanages, schools, tribal villages & Gypsy Camps. 

Once a year Humanitarian Clowns invites volunteers to join our International Compassionate Clown Trip abroad and this year we will be heading to



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