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Humanitarian Clowns Humour therapy is a project facilitated by trained professionals and volunteers to serve the age care and disability facilities in Australia.

It centres on the deliberate use of humour to improve the well-being of residents. Our Humour Therapists integrate various humour-based strategies into their caregiving routines, such as engaging residents in light-hearted conversations, music, magic, sharing amusing anecdotes, and employing tailored and gentle humour.


The primary goal is to cultivate a positive and enjoyable atmosphere, fostering emotional connections and contributing to an overall enhanced quality of life for those living in nursing homes. 



the intentional use of humour helps alleviate stress and tension, creating a more relaxed and enjoyable environment. Laughter, a central element of humour therapy, triggers the release of endorphins, promoting a sense of happiness and emotional upliftment.


Additionally, engaging in light-hearted interactions and amusing activities fosters social connections among residents and with caregivers, enhancing the sense of community.


Humour therapy can also serve as a coping mechanism, helping individuals navigate challenges associated with aging or health issues. Furthermore, the positive emotional impact of humour has been linked to improved cardiovascular health. Overall, incorporating humour into the caregiving approach in nursing homes contributes to a more positive, emotionally fulfilling, and supportive atmosphere for residents.

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