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Humanitarian Clowns Scholarship
We Love to Give to those that just keep Giving


At Humanitarian Clowns, we believe in the transformative power of laughter and the healing touch of compassion. Our commitment to spreading joy and therapeutic support knows no bounds. In line with this mission, we are excited to introduce the Humanitarian Clowns Scholarship Program, aimed at providing opportunities for less fortunate individuals to participate in our life-changing international therapeutic clown trips.

About the Humanitarian Clowns Scholarship:

The Humanitarian Clowns Scholarship is a special initiative designed to sponsor clowns who may face financial barriers but possess the passion and dedication to make a positive impact on the lives of those in need. By sponsoring a clown through this program, you directly contribute to the enrichment of their skills, allowing them to join our international missions and bring joy to communities facing adversity.


Previous Success:
Humanitarian Clowns has already granted 5 scholarships, enabling talented individuals to become ambassadors of joy and healing across the globe.

How You Can Help:

We are actively seeking sponsors who share our vision of making a difference through therapeutic clowning. Your sponsorship will cover the expenses associated with a deserving clown's participation in our international trips, enabling them to share their unique talents where they are needed most.

Benefits of Sponsorship:

- Recognition on our website and promotional materials.
- Regular updates on the sponsored clown's journey and impact.
- Media Exposure: Featured mentions in press releases, social media, and other promotional materials, providing your organization with positive visibility and recognition.

Get Involved:

If you or your organization is passionate about making a positive impact and would like to become a sponsor for the Humanitarian Clowns Scholarship, please contact us at Humanitarian Clowns is a registered charity with ACNC and has a current DGR status for tax deductions. 


Together, let's create smiles that last a lifetime!

Your support can turn dreams into reality, one smile at a time.


Unfortunatly Scholarships not open at the moment 

 Previous Humanitarian Clowns Scholarship Winners

Joe Offe 
(2017 winner)

Jeff Forbes
(2016 winner)

Joey McGeorge
(2015 Winner)

Stacie Ashlet (2014 winner)

Graeme Frauenfelder
(2013 Winner)

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