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Humanitarian Clowns Scholarship

We Love to Give to those that just keep Giving

In 2013 we were blessed by the sparkles of Fairy Shannon and her generousity of wanting to give an individual the experience of a lifetime by offering a Scholarship allowing one person to fully participate with Humanitarian Clowns on an International Clowning Trip.


Humanitarian Clowns understands with all the financial pressures in todays society that there are individuals out there that would love to experience the gift of giving to others that are highly disadvantaged, the Humanitarian Clowns Scholarship is our way to allow anyone in the world to apply and participate with Humanitarian Clowns on one of our International Clown Trips. It's our way to give back to those that love to keep on giving.


Humanitarian Clowns are proud to announce that we will continue the Humanitarian Clowns Scholarship on an annual basis, allowing individuals to nominate themselves or a friend to participate, we have kept our application process very basic (no jumping through fire hoops) allowing anyone that is passionate to apply. In due time we will open the application process on this page and via our Social Media network sites, see please keep an eye out for next years Scholarship. Tell your friends, tell your mum, even tell your next doors neighbours cat, as it could be you that joins Humanitarian Clowns next year.


Terms and Conditions will be posted as we advertise for next years Scholarship.


Humanitarian Clowns would like to give Fairy Shannon a big hug for making this opportunity became a reality








































 2017 Scholarship Winner

"Jo Offe "

 Previous Humanitarian Clowns Scholarship Winners

Jeff Forbes

(2016 winner)

Joey McGeorge

(2015 winner)

Stacie Ashlet (2014 winner)

Graeme Frauenfelder

(2013 Winner)

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