Humanitarian Clowns Incorporated is registered under the Associations Incorporation Act 1981 as an Australian non-profit organisation.

On July 1st 2014, Humanitarian Clowns became an Australian Registered Charity under the laws of ACNC.




In 2012, Humanitarian Clowns Inc. was created by Tim Webster (Timbadim the Clown), after he attended a Caring Clown Trip to Costa Rica with Dr. Patch (Hunter) Adams, where he witnessed first hand the positive affects Humanitarian Clowning has on individuals and communities.






















Our mission is to support local non–government organisations (NGOs) around the world with their projects by combining social clowning and community development. Laughter and joy are spread to thousands of individuals living in hardship, by visiting different places such as hospitals, slums, refugee camps, orphanages, schools and remote tribal communities.


Humanitarian Clowns consists of all types of individuals from various backgrounds and we welcome anyone that wish's to participate in the art of giving to others, Humanitarian Clowns welcomes performers, beginners, fairies, bee's, puppets and all colourful people from around the world to join our family. All volunteers are welcome, no matter their race, religion, gender, sexuality or age.


If you are interested in getting involved, please contact us.


We collaboratewith local charities assisting at fundraising events, providing assistance wherever we can and pride ourselves on being a non discriminating organisation. 


We focus on supporting our clown volunteers (and other characters) to engage in community service work after they return home from clowning events. By providing guidance and support to our volunteers, we will assist you with ways to share with the public your experiences and the benefits of Humanitarian Clowning.


While clowning internationally, we spend time integrating with the various communities to learn and gain an understanding about different people and cultures.


Hope to hear from you soon, as a volunteer, supporter or sponsor.

Humanitarian Clowns Values

Making Change in a "Colourful" way

1) Love, compassion and togetherness breaks all barriers
2) Connect with all people and spread peace everywhere
3) Promote fun and laughter for individuals, families and communities around the world
4) To engage all people in playful acts of kindness
5)To work alongside Humanitarian projects spreading compassion and joy
6) Partnership with organisations to create sustainable living opportunities
7) Having fun with every Clown step
8) Happiness is a choice
9) Loving everyone unconditionally thus creating a loving world


Head Office: Sth West Rocks NSW

Mid North Coast, NSW, Australia

Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India

Contact us:

+61 430 562 887


Humanitarian Clowns Inc.

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