Compassionate Clowning:

​Humanitarian Clowns are compassionate about bringing happiness to Individuals living in hardship, we can be found entertaining elderly in residential homes, roaming the wards of local Hospitals, supporting Community Events and assisting other Charities to raise money.

International Clowning:

Humanitarian Clowns are dedicated to visit a Developing Country once a year to provide both Social Clowning and Humanitarian Aid assistance to our hosting Charity Organisation. We also welcome volunteers from around the globe to join us on our adventures.

Humanitarian Clowns

Indian Chapter:

​Early 2013 Tim Webster (founder of Humanitarian Clowns) visited Tamil Nadu, South India, in partnership with Seb's Projects India to train local volunteers into becoming Humanitarian Clowns, our Indian chapter now clowns on a weekly basis for over 20 different Social Service Organisations.

Tyler Shaw RAOC

(Random Acts of Clown-ness)

"Do It For The Love"

Humanitarian Clowns understands the financial stress when a family member gets sick and we love to assist were we can, offering fuel vouchers and granting small wish's to the patient experiencing the pain whilst supporting your family. 

School of Hope:

​Humanitarian Clowns has partnered up with Seb's Projects India to assist in creating Educational Opportunities for all Tribal Children living in Jwadi Hills, Tamil Nadu, South India, If you are interested in assisting please get in contact with us.

Previous Trips:

Currenlty once a year Humanitarian Clowns partners up with Seb's Projects India to Clown Around for Individuals and Communites living in hardship, follow the link to see what we have been getting up to in previous Trips.